Website Launch

July 29, 2020

March 16th was the day that the Bay Area’s Shelter in Place mandate went into effect. It’s a day that we all will remember as the turning point of when Covid got serious in California. With the dangers of spreading the Coronavirus, everyone was ordered to stay home. This placed a shock on the entire economy and directly affected the film industry as no one was allowed to interact or film professionally. Business suffered causing many to lose jobs and income.

Panic occurred, we're all huddled together via zoom, scratching our heads lost for words left with little hope. Projects were being stalled and new projects we’re not coming in. Questions on how we should adapt, do we change our business model, or possibly hang it all up? 

Fortunately, our advisor Young Han, with Forever Young Agency, did not flinch.  He told us that he was optimistic and we had every advantage to get ahead in our business. Standing strong by his words, “We’ll get through this pandemic stronger than ever before.”
Young Han - Forever Young Agency

We pulled together and dove deep into building a plan. Even as bills mounted we stayed the course and honed in on our identity, ideal customers, and laser focused on only working on things that were important to the plan and pushed everything else down the line. We set up weekly virtual meetings around sales outreach, marketing, and operations. We tightened up our processes from marketing to contracts and everything in between. During these ambiguously dark hours, we focused on creating our new logo, our brand and positioning, and building our new website. We honed in on our skills and pushed ourselves to become a better team and company.

Our unity and positive actions slowly and steadily led to better business development, sales, and marketing. We held each other accountable and supported each other through the challenges. We became efficient and effective. And one by one our plan started to take shape and we started moving forward. 

After chipping away at company goals we were able to learn a lot about ourselves. And as obvious as it is in hindsight it was a difficult journey to narrow it down to the simple thing that we crave, we are in love with, and the “thing” that brought us together - storytelling.

Storytelling is our greatest strength and we want to share it with the world. Our video offerings range from the brand, explainer, product highlights, music videos, and original content and more, but the unifying theme is that they’re created with a heavy focus on storytelling. It’s not only what makes us unique it’s also what we love to do.  

It’s been an incredible 5 months both in trials and tribulations but also in successes in brand identity and camaraderie. Through the last 5 months we’ve worked through the doubt and we're proud to announce that we have half a dozen amazing customers and launching our newly founded brand through our new website. We feel strongly about our team of storytellers and are excited for the future. If you know anyone who could benefit from our collaboration, please share it with them.