Gelo's Web Building Tips

September 1, 2020

Designing a website is quite the beast. There is a constant battle between function and form; which makes it even harder these days as the attention span of the average person is about 5 seconds before they lose interest and go on with their day.

The punch here is to design a site to exceed further than visual satisfaction. Adding a functional aspect makes great design. Designing a website doesn't always have to be as intimidating as it sounds; though it is key to start with less, and build from there. 

Learning how to wireframe, (or a simple sketch in a notebook) will help tremendously as you gather your thoughts! 

Section one: Less is more

Starting with less forces you to focus on the issue of whether this website works or not. Is there enough space around the buttons? Will this link take you to a new page? Finding a flow of navigating through the site is key, making it worth way more than a standalone fancy design. You want it to feel like a nice, smooth canoe across a lake; not a river rafting back-and-forth adventure!

If you’d like to read up on where to start designing, check out this link here

Section two: Brand new house

After building this empty structure of a house, you need to furnish it! What colors will you paint the walls? What kind of furniture will you throw into it? This is directly relevant to your font selection, use of color, and or images. 

Use color very sparingly, my personal go-to is to use color to highlight some text for some pop, or to use a nice block of color to create a sense of separation on a page. Experimenting with the different gradients and swatches to your chosen colors are also very crucial. 

I could speak forever about fonts and type families. So many of them pair so well with each other, as others are better off as lone wolves. Nonetheless pick a type family that stands out most to you. Respect the type. Body type should be beautiful enough to write out as a paragraph and stand for its own. Header type should look even better when you multiply the size of the body type 2x and adjust accordingly. Blow Now pick out 2 more alternatives. Trust your gut and go with something that will ease the eyes, and communicate the brand as well as keeping legibility high!

For more information on keeping your audience intact, see here!

Section three: Protect me from what I want

Combine all of these elements with a bit of personal touch and you have baked yourself a beautiful website! Don’t be afraid to change things that stick out to you, and send it to everyone you know to see what works and does not work. The best part of your work is how people will react to it. 

For more on finding your style, check out this sick interview:

Godspeed and happy designing!