Dango | Product Highlight

November 24, 2020

Dango is the culmination of design and function built around modularity. When they asked us to help them visualize their watch concept into a product launch video, it was not a simple task. The challenge lied in the variations of their product. After a month of pre production we realized that the differences in the products is what made them tied together. And we came up with the idea to create multiple sections of content to showcase each of the watches as well as tell the story behind each design. Four production days in four different locations with various talent and terrain with a two week turnaround ensured that we had enough to put this piece together with Dango.

We woke up before sunrise, drove into the mountains, hung ourselves out of cars, went swimming in the ocean and had a blast doing it. Something we always ask ourselves is what our client is looking for, what their audience is looking for, and what kind of story their product is telling us to make. That’s right, their product, YOUR product has a story to tell that not only comes from the creators, the brand, but the item or service itself. It may be an angle everyone thinks of or it may be a story that no one has thought of. Our job is to make sure the right story is told in the most creative way possible. We’re willing to do what it takes, but are you?