Coffee Sparks Productivity

August 25, 2020

I fuckin' love coffee and forever will. There’s something about this magic potion that gives me the super power to “attempt” to do almost anything. As a creative, I can’t see myself functioning without it.  

Coffee increases my mental focus, deepens concentration, and provides me that nature boost of energy I need each day.

For the arduous process of conceptualizing ideas to a project, before coffee, my mind often wanders off in all directions, sporadically pooping baby pellets of inspiration.

After drinking coffee, I will be calm, organize, and sharp. My sensors heighten and mind alert, I’ll effortlessly power through the jigsaw puzzle of random thoughts.  

It then frees me to poop icebergs of complex concepts, imminently tying the whole script together.It’s exhilarating.

In conclusion, I believe that coffee doesn’t make you more creative, but helps you focus and be productive. 

Not to mention, it puts you in a better mood, and it’s taste good. What’s not to love?

Coffee is one hell of a drug.